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From Greg Reddin <gred...@gmail.com>
Subject Tiles Future
Date Sun, 05 Dec 2010 20:55:21 GMT
Hi guys,

It's time for the December Tiles board report. Honestly, unless I've
forgotten something, there's really not much to report. Mck's
article/blog post is about the only news that happened this month. I
think it's time for us to do a little navel-gazing and see where the
project is headed.

It's clear to me that, unless I take a real hobbyist personal interest
in Tiles, it's highly unlikely that I will ever contribute more from a
development perspective. When I first started using Tiles as a Struts
subproject it was my favorite aspect to Struts. I had really high
hopes as we started to break Tiles free from Struts' underpinnings and
it became its own project. Then my work situation changed and using
Tiles with my day job was no longer a possibility. At this point we
don't even use Java technologies in our web view layer and I don't see
that going back any time soon. As for my personal time, I just have
too many interests that take precedence - not the least of which are a
wife and 4 kids :-) So... while I still love what we've been able to
do with Tiles, it's time for me to admit that my life is not likely to
take me back in a direction where I will be a regular contributor. As
I've said before, I'm still willing to continue on to help verify and
vote on releases and take care of the administrative minutia (what
little there is) for as long as the team would have me to do so. I'm
also willing to step down as PMC chair and let someone else have a go
at it if you'd prefer.

The bigger question that I think we need to address in the upcoming
board report, though, is whether we believe the Tiles project itself
should continue. The idea of a "project" denotes ongoing work. When an
Apache project is "finished" and no further movement is expected, it
generally goes into the Attic. I'd have to look further to see if the
Attic will remove all existing releases of the software or if it just
means there will not be any further releases. It doesn't necessarily
mean the project is "dead". It can be forked to Google code or
anywhere else. It can even be started back up as an Apache project via
the Incubator.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you still use Tiles enough to keep
pushing it forward? Or is it time to call it quits and move on to
other things? If you'd like to keep moving forward the what do you
think we should do to attract a bigger community?


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