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From Antonio Petrelli <antonio.petre...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Tiles Future
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2010 20:32:13 GMT
I think we need to wait a bit (half a year, probably?) to decide to
move Tiles. Mick has great plans for Tiles :-)

2010/12/10 Greg Reddin <gredbug@gmail.com>:
> If
> there's a community of people in Spring-land who would like to
> contribute to the project, why don't they contribute here?

Good question. Take a look at this issue:
It is clear that they preferred fixing Tiles in a package built by
them instead of patch official Tiles. The issue has been opened 6 days
after publishing the package. Why?

> It's not a requirement per se. I think the board would start to ask
> questions if a few quarters went by and we had no releases or new
> committers. They understand that some projects are slower than others
> and that's cool. But the word "project" invokes a sense of something
> that is continuing to evolve. So if Tiles has ceased evolving - either
> because it's stable or because we can't muster up a community of
> contributors - then it makes sense to retire it.

In fact Tiles is "revolutionizing" not "evolving". In any software
revolution there is need to settle a bit.
In fact, the sandbox is finished, with a very high test coverage,
there is the need only to follow checkstyle rules and to add docs.

> My hesitancy on moving away from Apache is that it seems like there is
> still room for the project to evolve. Why would that work better
> somewhere else than here? Is it because of barriers to entry? Would we
> be better off (i.e. have more contributors) if we didn't require ICLAs
> or if we could use git or something else?

iCLAs are pretty annoying (I am thinking of Struts team, where people
need to sign an iCLA only to write docs) but I don't think this is the
Currently Tiles status may be split in two: a mature product and a
total revolution. The first is well known but development almost
halted (just a few fixes). The second needs only to settle, add more
features and, at the end, lots of publicity :-)
I must admit that I am more a developer than a Slideshare poster, so
we (especially I) need to follow Mick example and write examples,
articles and presentations.


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