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From Mck <m...@semb.wever.org>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (TILES-506) Fix link to jira under "Project Information --> Issue tracking"
Date Mon, 03 May 2010 19:16:16 GMT
> >> First of all please close the TILES-506 issue.
> > Done.
> Ok, but you can close directly the issue, not passing the "resolved"
> state. When we were on the other JIRA instance, we created a custom
> workflow without the "resolved" and other states, since, in our case,
> they are meaningless.

Ok. thanks for the explanation. my question was more around why the
issue was no longer "in progress"... but that's not so important.

> Usually, resolved means that the developer thinks he had finished his work.
> Closed means that the reporter tested it and says that it works.
> Usually we don't have such a feedback from the reporter, so the
> "resolved" state is useless.

 A different approach... for situations like this where quality assurance
by the reporter really can't be relied upon, is to use the "resolved"
state for those issue fixed but not yet available in any release.
 That makes it simpler for developers because they don't need to resolve
and close (or remember to directly close) the issue every time.
 Instead when a release is made part of the release process is to bulk
transit all resolved issues over to closed.
 In this manner the release process itself substitutes as the quality

> > ... That is after tiles-master is (voted and)
> > released to version 2 then the other pom files must be updated and
> > committed. Only then the website will have correct links to the
> > issue-tracker?
> Not necessarily. If you like, you can deploy a snapshot (mvn deploy),
> let the other project depend on the snapshot 

I'm not very fond of inheriting from SNAPSHOT parents. Apart from the
project instability it introduces it also slows down every build.


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