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From "Nathan Bubna" <nbu...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: What is a "component"?
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 15:57:48 GMT
I hadn't thought about this before, but i think you're right that
using the word component everywhere is unnecessary, as it is implicit
and everything is still clear to me without it.  more specific
comments below...

On 3/20/07, Antonio Petrelli <antonio.petrelli@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all!
> I know that the subject line is a bit cryptic, but I will try to explain it.
> Currently Tiles codebase refers to a lot of "Component" classes:
> ComponentDefinition, ComponentDefinitions, ComponentDefinitionsImpl,
> ComponentAttribute, ComponentContext, ComponentConstants,
> ComponentContextMutator.
> I hope that I did not forget anyone :-)
> Now the question is: what is the concept of a "component"? Is it
> simply a remnant from the Struts-Tiles code?
> I think that these classes should be renamed, but I think that a bit
> of brainstorming is needed.
> Here are my suggestions:
> ComponentDefinition - Definition
> ComponentDefinitions - DefinitionGroup (help me, I did not find a
> better name :-)

sorry, nothing better comes to mind yet.

> ComponentDefinitionsImpl - DefinitionGroupImpl
> ComponentAttribute - Attribute
> ComponentContext - TilesRenderContext (because it is used during
> rendering Tiles pieces).

i'd prefer AttributeContext, as that's what it contains.

> ComponentConstants - Globals

why not just Constants?  i'd prefer to keep it closer to the original,
to minimize confusion.

> ComponentContextMutator - TilesRenderContextMutator.


> Let's improve this list, or give a reason for "Component" concept to exist.
> Antonio

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