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From "Nathan Bubna" <nbu...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Module "JSP support"
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2007 17:05:50 GMT
On 1/29/07, Antonio Petrelli <antonio.petrelli@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2007/1/29, Nathan Bubna <nbubna@gmail.com>:
> > However, we then must ask the question of whether we're going to allow
> > modules for other template engines too?  I don't think we have to
> > answer yes to that, though.  JSP, for all its problems, is the
> > "standard" so it is easy to say we will only maintain support for
> > Tiles+JSP here.  Then we can leave Tiles+Velocity or Tiles+Freemarker
> > to be developed elsewhere.  As the VelocityTools lead, i really don't
> > care much either way.
> I think that the part of VelocityTools for Tiles is more connected to
> Tiles than to Velocity. If you think about Struts 2, the FreeMarker
> integration is just inside Struts 2 itself (I think it's a module,
> correct me if I am wrong).

This is true, but Struts 2 is explicitly a framework, and integration
of components for users' convenience is arguably the defining aspect
of a "framework".    Tiles, however, is much more a "view component"
than a framework.  Components should not, IMHO, take pains to concern
themselves with integrating themselves with other components.  They
may use other components internally and should certainly provide
interfaces for easy integration with others, but the integration with
other components should be at best a secondary concern.

That said, VelocityTools also aims to be a "view component", not a
full framework.  The VelocityStruts integration would have been better
developed at Struts in an ideal world, but  that path was not open to
us at the time.  Because of this, already there is some integration of
view components for users' convenience happening, and it seems healthy
enough.  If we do want to consider moving Tiles+Velocity integration
into the Tiles project alongside the Tiles+JSP module, i would be open
to it.   It would at least save me the trouble of having both a
TilesTool and a Tiles2Tool in VelocityTools. :)

> I agree that JSP will remain the base for all development, but since
> David made a great work on removing the dependencies between the
> view/template technology and the rendering, the porting to Velocity
> and FreeMarker will be easy (at least for Velocity/Freemarker experts
> :-) ) and, I suppose, the best place to put integration code is inside
> a Tiles module. You just have not a "JSPTools" for Struts :-)

Yeah, David's work is going to make Tiles2+Velocity quite easy.  It
should not be hard to develop or maintain.

> Just my 2 eurocents
> Antonio

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