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From Grant Ingersoll <gsing...@apache.org>
Subject Re: New user
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2009 13:22:57 GMT
A little late to the party, but thought I would add my two cents...

On Aug 19, 2009, at 4:31 AM, Dave Pawson wrote:
> It's the search capabilities I'm most interested in, hence the  
> Lucene kick.

Note, also that Tika is fully integrated into Solr and will be a part  
of the upcoming Solr 1.4 release (but you can try it now by getting  
the nightly).  Also, I believe Solr's Data Import Handler has  
mechanisms for importing XML.  I'd suggest looking at the Solr Wiki (http://wiki.apache.org/solr

), in particular:


As both a Lucene and Solr committer, I think I can safely say that for  
most people, Solr is the place to start with Lucene, as it will save  
you from writing a whole lot of code and get you searching much faster  
and is still completely pluggable giving you near full access to  
Lucene.  People often worry about the HTTP stuff up front, but in  
practice it is, in >99% of the cases a non-issue.

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