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From "Duru Can Celasun" <>
Subject Re: 10 years of Thrift as an ASF TLP
Date Sat, 03 Oct 2020 16:08:43 GMT
Hi all,

I'd suggest dropping all languages that don't have an active maintainer and go for 0.14 after
that. Perhaps we can post here and publish a call for maintainers on the Github README and
wait 2-4 weeks. Any language without at least 1 volunteer would be dropped. How does that

As for documentation, I've replied to INFRA's email with my previous work on the new website
+ docs, but they never got back to me. I'll ping them again and see what happens.


On Sat, 3 Oct 2020, at 10:58, Jens Geyer wrote:
> Hi all,
> while noticing that Thrift is going to be an Apache TLP for 10 years 
> very soon (20th of Oct exactly), I wondered if there might be a good 
> moment to do some sort of a review and some ooks towards the future of 
> the project. What I am personally would love to know (and see) is this:
> * What language bindings are the most favorite ones used by the 
> community? What can we do to improve the maintainer situation, like 
> publishing official release artifacts? What about Erlang, which still 
> lets the pull requests CI runs fail? What about the D language, which 
> for months now produces deprecation warnings?
> * In order to keep the codebase in shape and up-to-date, sometimes it 
> might be a necessary to get rid of outdated stuff. What language 
> bindings shall in your opinion be deprecated and dropped, because 
> essentially nobody needs it anymore? We already deprecated AS3 but I 
> think there could be more. What do you think?
> * I’d like to go for an 0.14.0 release in the next weeks. Are there any 
> objections, blockers or anything you would like to see in that release 
> and (are prepared to help getting it done)? Any help is of course much 
> appreciated.
> * One contributor recently announced to start working on some 
> documentation improvements. There is also some pressure from INFRA to 
> move away from the ASF CMS, as this is deprecated. If anybody has some 
> spare hours that he/she likes to spend on that topic – please post to 
> the dev mailing list. I’d love to see that whole matter brought forward 
> as community effort.
> * Anything else you always wanted to share but never did? Please, do it!
> Have fiun,
> JensG

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