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From Jano Svitok <>
Subject Swift support
Date Tue, 19 May 2020 11:24:09 GMT
Hi all,

in the light of
We tried to base our internal iOS app on Thrift, but we've found there is lot
of work to even make it compile (I'm talking about the Swift lib).

In the mean time, we switched to grpc and it worked out of the box. If their android
support is not broken, we will move also that to grpc (it's still on Thrift now).

I tried to upstream all of the fixes I did to make the Thrift server in iOS work.
Some of them were merged, some of them are in the queue and some of them were already
closed by stale bot. I also tried to report problem that I haven't had time to implement
proper fix (in our code I just avoided e.g. extends keyword).

I do not want to do a lot of development here, but I'd like to get as much
changes merged as possible, so that the work already done is not wasted, and
as a thank you for the project.

So what can I do to get these merged?


I will see if I can do something with this:

I will not implement the rest of this, but I'd say with a couple changes
it might at least test the compilation/connection:

Side note: I understand the purpose of the stalebot, but from contributor's point of view
frustrating to keep the PRs open when the problem is
  a) lack of committers and/or their time
  b) broken CI.
I also understand both :) and I tried to help with b)...


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