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From "James E. King III" <>
Subject Apache Thrift 0.12.0 Release Candidate 1
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2018 11:45:19 GMT
Greetings all,

The 0.12.0 RC1 release of Apache Thrift is available for download.
0.12.0 will provide a large number of bugfixes and enhancements, and
adds language support for Common LISP, Swift, and Typescript.

We're doing things a little differently this time around and taking
advantage of some of the newer tooling that's available to us to
deliver the release.  In the past files were placed on bintray for you
to download.  For this release candidate, you can download the raw
package directly from github as a project snapshot.  The commit hash
for 0.12.0-rc1 is 384647d290e2e4a55a14b1b7ef1b7e66293a2c33 and it can
be found in the 0.12.0 branch.

zip format:

tgz format:

Please help us qualify the release candidate and reply to this mailing
list if you find any release-blocking issues that are not already

Continuous Integration builds have passed:

New for 0.12.0, the list of changes in the file CHANGES has been enhanced with:
- New languages
- Deprecated languages
  - If you have suggestions for more, it will simplify the project
going forward.
  - If you disagree with the list (there's only one entry right now),
please say so.
- Breaking changes from 0.11.0
- Known Blocker and Critical Issues (from Jira)
- Issues fixed since 0.11.0, categorized by language!

A reminder that master is still open for changes and pull requests,
however no additional changes are currently planned for the 0.12.0
release right now.  If an additional release candidate is deemed
necessary, the 0.12.0 branch will be updated and this hash and
download links will cease to be valid.

Tentative release schedule for 0.12.0 is:

* 2018-DEC-19: Release Candidate 1
* 2018-DEC-26: Analyze feedback and assess whether release is a go or no-go
* 2018-DEC-28: Final Release tagged

Following final release tagging of the 0.12.0 release, individual
language package managers can be updated with new versions.  There is
no formal schedule for this to be completed.  Note that for this
version we are going to use a tagging format of "v0.12.0" as opposed
to the old style of "0.12.0", as there are some package managers
(dlang dub, for example) that require the "v" prefix in order to
accept a project.

Additionally, if you find this release process lacking and have
suggestions for improvement, use the mailing list.


Jim King
PMC Member, Apache Thrift

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