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From Randy Abernethy <>
Subject Re: C++03 and Thrift 0.12.0++
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2018 20:41:52 GMT
+1 for dropping 03 support going forward.

On Wed, Dec 26, 2018 at 9:03 AM James E. King III <> wrote:
> I posted a message on the user mailing list and nobody replied.
> I'd like to designate thrift-0.12.0 the last thrift release that supports
> C++03 for the runtime library.  There is an effort underway (albeit
> stalled) to convert to using C++11 items over boost.  This is tracked in
> THRIFT-4441 <> in Jira.
> Having two runtime libraries (one that uses boost and one that uses C++11)
> will be a problem for downstream packagers.  It will also simplify
> THRIFT-4441 and allow it to be completed.  For now the unit tests will
> still require boost for Boost.Test, since many tests use it.  We could
> convert to gtest (gmock) here.  Finally, with the removal of boost from the
> C++ library we will also remove the posix and boost thread classes, and
> rename the std thread class to be the only thread class, removing some
> nasty non-inherited implementation build decisions.  In fact a number of
> things in the threading area may end up being simplified.
> As a reference point on C++03, Boost is starting to move away from C++03
> support.  It's now on a per-repository-maintainer decision.  Also, folks
> who need boost and C++03 support can use 0.12.0 or earlier.
> Are there any objections?
> - Jim


Randy Abernethy
Managing Partner
o 415-800-2922
c 415-624-6447

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