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From Chet Murthy <>
Subject Re: Deprecation of C++03 support - thoughts?
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2017 02:45:42 GMT
On Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 6:31 PM, James E. King, III <>

> On Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 6:06 PM, Roger Meier <>
> wrote:
> > I would be happy to port tests from boost-test to googletest
>  Not certain I see a benefit there.  Replacing one third party library for
> another...

[Not saying this should convince you, but this is how I debug basically all
low-probability concurrency-related bugs -- don't bother understanding it,
just add log-lines and run gazillions of test-replays.]

Two advantages:

(1) at least with boost-test 1.58.0, it seems like even running individual
tests doesn't work.

But the real winner is (2) googletest supports out-of-the-box
"gtest-parallel", which is a way to run googletest tests that are suitably
non-self-interfering in parallel, many copies, many times, keeping track of
which ones fail.  The way I found the bug in  THRIFT-3877 was *not* to go
understand the code, but instead to iteratively

(a) add log-lines with glog

(b) rerun with gtest-parallel

As I added log-lines, the probability of the bug occurring dropped (b/c it
always does ;-) (but also b/c the log-lines "stretched-out" some of the
executions enough for packets to make it across the "network" (== "lo0
network" ;-)  But I just upped the gtest-parallel "# times to run test" to
ensure that I hadn't scared the bug away.

I didn't actually understand what was going wrong, until I had it pretty
much nailed in a log of the incident in excruciating detail.

gtest-parallel + logs FTW!


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