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From f8281113 <>
Subject [GitHub] thrift pull request #1327: make thrift error:class ‘apache::thrift::transp...
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2017 16:00:20 GMT
GitHub user f8281113 opened a pull request:

    make thrift error:class ‘apache::thrift::transport::THeaderTransport’ does not have
any field named ‘TVirtualTransport’

    Hi everybady
        today i Building Apache Thrift on CentOS 6.8  follow this website: [](url)

    But when i Build and Install the Apache Thrift IDL Compiler issue erro:
    `git clone
    cd thrift
    ./configure --with-lua=no
    The error issue is that:
    `In file included from ./src/thrift/transport/THeaderTransport.h:39,
                     from src/thrift/transport/THeaderTransport.cpp:20:
    ./src/thrift/protocol/TProtocolTypes.h:30: warning: comma at end of enumerator list
    In file included from src/thrift/transport/THeaderTransport.cpp:20:
    ./src/thrift/transport/THeaderTransport.h:50: warning: comma at end of enumerator list
    ./src/thrift/transport/THeaderTransport.h:169: warning: comma at end of enumerator list
    ./src/thrift/transport/THeaderTransport.h: In constructor ‘apache::thrift::transport::THeaderTransport::THeaderTransport(const
    ./src/thrift/transport/THeaderTransport.h:79: error: class ‘apache::thrift::transport::THeaderTransport’
does not have any field named ‘TVirtualTransport’
    ./src/thrift/transport/THeaderTransport.h: In constructor ‘apache::thrift::transport::THeaderTransport::THeaderTransport(boost::shared_ptr<apache::thrift::transport::TTransport>,
    ./src/thrift/transport/THeaderTransport.h:93: error: class ‘apache::thrift::transport::THeaderTransport’
does not have any field named ‘TVirtualTransport’
    At global scope:
    cc1plus: warning: unrecognized command line option "-Wno-deprecated-register"
    cc1plus: warning: unrecognized command line option "-Wno-c++11-long-long"
    make[4]: *** [src/thrift/transport/libthriftz_la-THeaderTransport.lo] Error 1
    make[4]: Leaving directory `/home/hadoop/thrift/lib/cpp'
    make[3]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
    make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/hadoop/thrift/lib/cpp'
    make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
    make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/hadoop/thrift/lib'
    make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/hadoop/thrift'
    make: *** [all] Error 2
    Who can help me .Thank a lot 

You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull master

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:

To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #1327
commit db3a92ebcffea09fc456bf76754b78fe8466fe59
Author: ciarancourtney <>
Date:   2016-12-20T11:12:15Z

    THRIFT-4009 Use @implementer instead of implements in
    Client: Python
    Patch: ciarancourtney <>
    This closes #1142

commit 30a8b65dcec88d0710143ca2b94f71915a8549c5
Author: Simon South <>
Date:   2016-12-22T11:29:17Z

    THRIFT-3968: Deserializing empty string/binary fields
    Client: C (GLib)
    Patch: Simon South <>
    Deserialize empty strings as they are instead of returning NULL.
    Expand test cases to clarify existing behavior when deserializing empty
    binary fields.

commit 366e89ead7df34b4132c2accb59dc14fce564883
Author: Palmer Cox <>
Date:   2016-12-22T06:24:33Z

    THRIFT-4012 Python Twisted implementation uses implements, not compatible with Py3
    Client: Python
    Patch: Palmer Cox <>
    This closes #1144
    Zope implements doesn't work with Python 3; @implementer does. Replace uses of implements
with @implementer since the former does not work with Python 3, while the latter works with
both Python 2 and 3.

commit 19066b75d014487d5ba6731910edd524aac6aaf6
Author: Jens Geyer <>
Date:   2016-12-26T10:19:35Z

    THRIFT-4014 align C# meta data in AssemblyInfo.cs
    Clöient: C#
    Patch: Jens Geyer

commit fa133629a265284eeae2bfead4ea2cd6839bf1ff
Author: Jens Geyer <>
Date:   2016-12-26T10:27:24Z

    THRIFT-4015 Fix wrongly spelled "Thirft"s
    Client: Perl + NodeJS
    Patch: Jens Geyer

commit 476cf694ee80f6d2d6aaa5e46bbda8f915863a49
Author: Bruno Fonseca <>
Date:   2016-12-20T13:19:43Z

    THRIFT-4010 Q.fcall messing up with *this* pointer inside called function
    Client: js
    Patch: Bruno Fonseca
    This closes #1143

commit 60ac165aeb6b86ae10bb554b107c273bfcde7a83
Author: Jens Geyer <>
Date:   2016-12-28T00:25:10Z

    THRIFT-4008 broken ci due to upstream dependency versioning break
    Client: Haskell
    Patch: Jens Geyer
    This closes #1145

commit 540e346d6ec3be9893ff1f29ef89e000c314edf4
Author: Jens Geyer <>
Date:   2016-12-28T13:25:41Z

    THRIFT-4016 testInsanity() impl does not conform to test spec in ThriftTest.thrift
    Client: Delphi
    Patch: Jens Geyer

commit d8bb0e3b9ff7e6cecfc85c01a81280dc3d046430
Author: Allen George <>
Date:   2017-01-02T09:43:37Z

    THRIFT-4016 testInsanity() impl does not conform to test spec in ThriftTest.thrift
    Client: C#
    Patch: Allen George <>

commit 3c55440230f3645816913d9c53b42dcc16b70f95
Author: Mark Erickson <>
Date:   2017-01-04T16:11:06Z

    THRIFT-4019: Dart Makefiles should also clean pubspec.lock
    Client: Dart
    Patch: Mark Erickson <>
    This closes #1150

commit b587a12a116cc394b62d9af2bbcecd50cfb18ce3
Author: Volodymyr Gotra <>
Date:   2016-09-15T00:18:48Z

    THRIFT-3933 Microsoft .Net Core library port and generator for this library
    Client: .NET Core
    Patch: Volodymyr Gotra <> PR #1088, with significant improvements
by Jens Geyer <> PR #1149
    This closes #1088
    This closes #1149

commit fac3f69725f507872e6d68afea5debd020ce2580
Author: James E. King, III <>
Date:   2017-01-05T02:46:23Z

    fix appveyor builds - ant version changed to 1.9.8

commit 59fab5adb499866ac174d2a8edc3808619b2ed58
Author: czm1989 <>
Date:   2017-01-09T14:07:42Z

    THRIFT-4023 Skip unexpected field types on read/write
    Client: Go
    Patch: Chen Zhiming <>
    This closes #1154

commit 1ca09d0e02f0af3f008183974fc4846ce34993b8
Author: Jens Geyer <>
Date:   2017-01-10T21:48:09Z

    THRIFT-4016 testInsanity() impl does not conform to test spec in ThriftTest.thrift
    Client: Haxe
    Patch: Jens Geyer

commit 4f710aa4f47e051d41c863aa7aa9239dab5b9636
Author: BCG <>
Date:   2016-11-04T03:22:35Z

    THRIFT-3960 Inherited services in Lua generator are not named correctly
    Client: Lua
    Patch: Benjamin Gould <>
    This closes #1124

commit 5f723cd53980f395a92c438790a127cbd5699d90
Author: Jens Geyer <>
Date:   2017-01-10T20:57:48Z

    THRIFT-4024 Skip() should throw on unknown data types
    Client: C#, NETCore, Haxe, Delphi, Go
    Patch: Jens Geyer
    This closes #1155

commit e0ccbd6e62e14f32d7c5fe0f9cec6eff3259b863
Author: Roger Meier <>
Date:   2017-01-16T19:26:57Z

    chore: install ruby-bundler
    Fixes recent build failures in the Travis CI environment.
    This closes #1158

commit 7edc8faefd391ce11eca3023a35cc54bcb2eb1af
Author: James E. King, III <>
Date:   2017-01-20T15:11:41Z

    THRIFT-3873: fix various compiler warnings and overflow errors
    THRIFT-3847: change VERSION to PACKAGE_VERSION to avoid conflicts with third party or
OS headers
    This closes #1128

commit 4194562c60efd101f278c2aa76ce53a53e5382a8
Author: gzshi <>
Date:   2017-01-06T02:47:03Z

    THRIFT-4038 socket check: checking an unsigned number against >= 0 never fails
    Client: C++
    Patch: gzshi <>
    This closes #1153

commit 330b3f814a33ab8a740fca4da29106bd7e219b1d
Author: James E. King, III <>
Date:   2017-01-23T13:52:04Z

    THRIFT-4034 compiler build fixes for macos sierra and some cmake cleanup for compiler
    Patch: Robert Lu <>
    This closes #1161

commit 55f976e0decefb284b0f0a459745dd57f038ab4f
Author: James E. King, III <>
Date:   2017-01-23T14:06:27Z

    THRIFT-4040 Add real cause of TNonblockingServerSocket error to exception
    Client: Java
    Patch: Dmitry Roenko <>
    This closes #1116

commit b62247e0ea23139a9922a1de965357907319e937
Author: Volodymyr Gotra <>
Date:   2017-01-16T00:34:28Z

    THRIFT-4039 Update of Apache Thrift .Net Core lib
    Client: NetCore
    Patch: Volodymyr Gotra <>
    This closes #1163
    - Added framed transport, updated docs, updated global.json with SDKversion
    - Added usage to multiplexer to tutorial
    - Changed sdk to current sdk 1.0.0-preview2-1-003177

commit 3d6e2a507159e51d486e4e2674a1dca5fc227279
Author: James E. King, III <>
Date:   2017-01-25T04:29:52Z

    THRIFT-3926 There should be an error emitted when http status code is not 200
    Client: nodejs
    Patch: lifei <>
    This closes #1086

commit 6fe7fa1b7ed72215a59e93c680a209a99530fada
Author: James E. King, III <>
Date:   2017-01-25T14:43:24Z

    THRIFT-3892 support OpenSSL before 0.9.8f during build
    Client: C++
    Patch: Udit Raikwar <>
    This closes #1057

commit 8b96bfbf1eb058d3c378535e90c1e90280224bb4
Author: Allen George <>
Date:   2016-11-02T12:01:08Z

    THRIFT-2945 Add Rust support
    Client: Rust
    Patch: Allen George <>
    This closes #1147

commit cf254894026988c7aa1e9742117c091f902cc838
Author: James E. King, III <>
Date:   2017-01-26T01:34:04Z

    Build fails using Java 1.8 with Ant < 1.9
    Client: Java
    Patch: Adinata <>
    This closes #1060

commit 71eba643ddc10bd2a9f614348567bfc1f63d8d06
Author: James E. King, III <>
Date:   2017-01-26T01:41:06Z

    THRIFT-4033 disable thrift compiler plug-in support by default, as the thrift-compiler
packaging is not ready for it yet
    This closes #1157

commit f3490c5f8e2e871f75ea540126f9fb233cf71601
Author: James E. King, III <>
Date:   2017-01-27T14:43:18Z

    THRIFT-3550 make a script to build perl cpan module and update perl dependencies for cpan

commit 96be8c8d9408548966b3fb2895a8b84ac1045a37
Author: James E. King, III <>
Date:   2017-01-27T16:45:57Z

    THRIFT-3550 add some information about thrift to the perl library README directing folks
to the official web site for more info

commit 988b3e9bde9ef687dd09311c9842c8a5bf24e608
Author: Chandler May <>
Date:   2017-01-27T21:21:40Z

    THRIFT-4042 set zip_safe=False in python build to prevent egg ExtractionError
    Client: Python
    This closes #1165


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