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From Terry Jones <>
Subject Re: Thrift and Python love
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2008 11:51:15 GMT
Hi David

> As to the specific issue of the Twisted patch, this is a pretty significant
> amount of code that takes some specialized knowledge to review competently.
> I know someone who might be able to invest the time to do so, but I think
> contributors are going to have to be patient with such difficult-to-review
> patches.

I'm qualified to review the Twisted patch, and happy to do so.

BUT, Esteve works with me, so I'm not fully independent. However, I didn't
have any input into that code - apart from agreeing that it was something
he should do. I have not looked at the code at all, though I've used it
with success.

If I'm considered independent enough that my review would count (and I
meant count in the sense of getting the patch across the line, not just
count as an additional thumbs up), I'll go for it. I don't mean that in
negative sense. I mean that if I'm not considered independent enough, I'd
rather put time to better use, like reviewing some other Python patch where
there'd be no question of conflict of interest, etc.


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