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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Incubator repo is up
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2008 19:48:54 GMT
David Reiss wrote:
> I personally prefer manual notifications (at least on the -dev list.
> Auto-notifications on a separate list like -commits or -git-commits or
> or whatever) because often you want to
> give a little more context than fits in the commit message.

FWIW, Jira is used to provide exactly this context.  I suspect lots more 
people monitor Jira discussions than ever download and apply patches. 
We should not optimize patch application (code) at the expense of 
communication (community).

> Also, not
> all branches are of constant interest to everyone.  For example, Ross
> announced his C+Glib branch when he first pushed it, but we don't need
> an email every time he pushes some new commits.  However, if the
> consensus is that we want an email sent every time someone updates a
> branch, I'm happy to help set this up.

The way folks deal with this on Hadoop is with mail filters and Jira 
watches, so that they see all new issue creations in Jira, but only 
issue updates for issues that they've decided to watch.  We should 
document a best-practice for this.


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