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From Luke Lu <>
Subject Re: cisco's language-agnostic rpc framework
Date Fri, 23 May 2008 20:54:54 GMT
On May 23, 2008, at 9:34 AM, Doug Cutting wrote:

> Jeff Hammerbacher wrote:
> FWIW, the asynchronous messaging stuff described in that article is  
> a feature that Y! needs.  Also, 50k messages/sec or 15k calls/sec  
> sounds like pretty good performance...

James (author of the article) also replied in the comments:

: "... The folks at Cisco told me that they had looked at Thrift, and  
it didn't meet all of their needs." Anybody here recall any inquiries  
from Cisco folks? I hope that they did make some effort to evaluate  
Thrift and Ice instead of just an excuse of NIH. BTW, based on the  
thrift white paper, I gather the thrift folks didn't evaluate Ice  

Etch does sound promising. The support for bidirectional calls once  
the connection is established is very interesting. We already do that  
in Hypertable once a range server established a connection to master  
and master can then invoke any method on range server. The advantage  
of this approach is that the master doesn't need to establish a second  
connection back to the range server and that it's also firewall  
friendly (I can see it very useful for VOIP management apps). Better  
integration with VS and Eclipse IDEs leads to wider adoption.  
Engineered for VOIP apps could also mean that they might have their  
own transport protocol over UDP instead of TCP for lower latency. It  
looks fairly certain to become an industry standard.

As long as it's open source in Apache/BSD/MIT (glue layer code needs  
to have the least restrictive license for wider adoption), I have no  
complaints other than having to write yet another RPC broker and claim  
a feature :)


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