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haris...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3749. Get map and reduce task memory from JobConf. (harishjp) Fri, 02 Jun, 01:31
haris...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3750. Add TEZ_RUNTIME_UNORDERED_PARTITIONED_KVWRITER_BUFFER_MERGE_PERCENT to UnorderedPartitionedKVOutput. (harishjp) Fri, 02 Jun, 01:34
jeag...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3748. TaskAttemptImpl State Machine Invalid event: TA_SUBMITTED at KILL_IN_PROGRESS (jeagles) Thu, 01 Jun, 01:41
jeag...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3745. Change master to required java 8 (Siddharth Seth via jeagles) Fri, 02 Jun, 16:06
jeag...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3766. Tez Aux-services : Clean up shaded jar to not include default config xml files and yarn-client pieces (Kuhu Shukla via jeagles) Mon, 19 Jun, 23:48
jeag...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3768. Test timeout value for TestShuffleHandlerJobs is low (Kuhu Shukla via jeagles) Thu, 22 Jun, 15:16
jeag...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3758. Vertex can hang in RUNNING state when two task attempts finish very closely and have retroactive failures (Kuhu Shukla via jeagles) Thu, 22 Jun, 15:44
jeag...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3761. NPE in Fetcher under load (jeagles) Fri, 23 Jun, 14:58
jeag...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3778. Remove SecurityInfo from tez-auxservices shaded jar (Kuhu Shukla via jeagles) Tue, 27 Jun, 19:43
jeag...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3775. Tez UI: Show DAG context in document title (jeagles) Fri, 30 Jun, 14:33
jeag...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3274. Vertex with MRInput and broadcast input does not respect slow start (Eric Badger via jeagles) Fri, 30 Jun, 20:10
jl...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3693. ControlledClock is not used. Contributed by Muhammad Samir Khan Tue, 20 Jun, 14:47
kshu...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3732. Reduce Object size of InputAttemptIdentifier and MapOutput for large jobs (Jonathan Eagles via kshukla) Fri, 02 Jun, 22:46
kshu...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3741. Tez outputs should free memory when closed (Jason Lowe via kshukla) Mon, 19 Jun, 13:41
kshu...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3760. Tez AUX Services: Shading needs to filter SIG files with -Pazure builds (kshukla) Mon, 19 Jun, 20:00
kshu...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3605. Detect and prune empty partitions for the Ordered case (kshukla) Wed, 28 Jun, 17:51
rbalamo...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3701. UnorderedPartitionedKVWriter - issues with parallel Deflater usage, synchronousqueue in threadpool (rbalamohan) Fri, 02 Jun, 01:59
rbalamo...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3698: UnorderedKV writer should be able to honor tez.runtime.enable.final-merge.in.output without pipelinedshuffle (rbalamohan) Tue, 13 Jun, 03:06
rbalamo...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3767. Shuffle should not report error to AM during inputContext.killSelf(). (rbalamohan) Wed, 28 Jun, 00:54
rbalamo...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3777. Avoid buffer copies by passing RLE flag to TezMerger from PipelinedSorter (rbalamohan) Wed, 28 Jun, 07:19
rbalamo...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3769. Unordered: Fix wrong stats being sent out in the last event, when final merge is disabled (rbalamohan) Wed, 28 Jun, 08:07
s...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3771. Tez UI: WASB/ADLS counters should be listed on the Tez UI (sree) Wed, 28 Jun, 14:19
zhiyu...@apache.org tez git commit: TEZ-3762. When final merge is disabled in unordered case, it should create index file instead of relying on cache (zhiyuany) Mon, 26 Jun, 22:23
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