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ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1002. Generate Container Stop history events. Contributed by Gopal V. Thu, 01 May, 05:50
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-661. Add an implementation for a non sorted, partitioned, key-value output. (sseth) Thu, 01 May, 06:46
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1093. Add an example for OnFileUnorderedPartitionedOutput. (sseth) Fri, 02 May, 18:34
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1091. Respect keepAlive when shutting down Fetchers. Contributed by Rajesh Balamohan. Fri, 02 May, 21:03
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1097. Tez assumes that the scratch directory has to be same as the default filesystem. (hitesh) Mon, 05 May, 20:40
hit...@apache.org svn commit: r1592895 - in /incubator/tez/site: index.html install.html issue-tracking.html license.html mail-lists.html privacy-policy.html project-info.html talks.html team-list.html Tue, 06 May, 21:43
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1105. Fix docs to ensure users are aware of adding "*" for HADOOP_CLASSPATH. (hitesh) Tue, 06 May, 21:44
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1088. Flaky Test: TestFaultTolerance.testInputFailureCausesRerunAttemptWithinMaxAttemptSuccess (Tassapol Athiapinya via bikas) Tue, 13 May, 18:09
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1102. Abstract out connection management logic in shuffle code. Contributed by Rajesh Balamohan. Tue, 13 May, 22:27
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1112. MROutput committer should be initialized from initialized OutputFormat. Contributed by Rohini Palaniswamy. Wed, 14 May, 15:56
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1099. Minor documentation improvement and Eclipse direct import friendlyness. Contributed by Thiruvalluvan M. G. Wed, 14 May, 16:33
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1111. TestMRHelpers fails if HADOOP_COMMON_HOME is defined in the shell env. ( Mohammad Kamrul Islam via hitesh) Wed, 14 May, 18:00
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1121. Clean up avro dependencies. (hitesh) Thu, 15 May, 19:43
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1125. Pre-warm broken (bikas) Thu, 15 May, 22:56
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1128. OnFileUnorderedPartitionedKVOutput does not handle partitioning correctly with the MRPartitioner. (sseth) Mon, 19 May, 18:15
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1135. Fix ShuffledUnorderedKVInput handling of empty partitions. (sseth) Mon, 19 May, 18:17
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1114. Fix encrypted shuffle. Contributed by Rajesh Balamohan. Mon, 19 May, 22:29
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1126. Add a data generator and validator for the intersect example. (sseth) Tue, 20 May, 17:38
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1139. Add a test for IntersectDataGen and IntersectValidate. (sseth) Tue, 20 May, 20:56
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1039. Add Container locality to TaskScheduler (bikas) Tue, 20 May, 22:24
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1140. TestSecureShuffle leaves behind test data dirs. (hitesh) Tue, 20 May, 22:31
hit...@apache.org [1/3] TEZ-1066. Generate events to integrate with YARN timeline server. (hitesh) Wed, 21 May, 22:13
hit...@apache.org [2/3] TEZ-1066. Generate events to integrate with YARN timeline server. (hitesh) Wed, 21 May, 22:13
hit...@apache.org [3/3] git commit: TEZ-1066. Generate events to integrate with YARN timeline server. (hitesh) Wed, 21 May, 22:13
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1150. Replace String EdgeId with Edge in the Vertex (bikas) Fri, 23 May, 20:20
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1027. orderedwordcount needs to respect tez.staging-dir property. (Rekha Joshi via hitesh) Tue, 27 May, 18:57
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1090. Micro optimization - Remove duplicate updateProcessTree() in TaskCounterUpdater. (Rajesh Balamohan via hitesh) Tue, 27 May, 19:03
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1154. tez-mapreduce-examples should depend on yarn-api. (hitesh) Tue, 27 May, 22:41
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-800. One-one edge with parallelism -1 fails if source vertex parallelism is not -1 as well (bikas) Wed, 28 May, 21:37
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1158. Disable multiple AM attempts if recovery is disabled. (hitesh) Wed, 28 May, 21:43
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1143. 1-1 source split event should be handled in Vertex.RUNNING state (bikas) Wed, 28 May, 22:01
ss...@apache.org [1/2] TEZ-1116. Refactor YarnTezDAGChild to be testable and usable for LocalMode. (sseth) Thu, 29 May, 17:51
ss...@apache.org [2/2] git commit: TEZ-1116. Refactor YarnTezDAGChild to be testable and usable for LocalMode. (sseth) Thu, 29 May, 17:51
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1143 (addendum). 1-1 source split event should be handled in Vertex.RUNNING and Vertex.INITED state (bikas) Thu, 29 May, 18:37
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1145. Vertices should not start if they have uninitialized custom edges (bikas) Thu, 29 May, 18:46
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1159. Fix handling of corrupt or empty files in recovery data. (hitesh) Thu, 29 May, 21:17
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-1151. Vertex should stay in initializing state until custom vertex manager sets the parallelism (bikas) Fri, 30 May, 23:23
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