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hit...@apache.org svn commit: r1477888 - in /incubator/tez/branches/TEZ-1: ./ tez-dag/ tez-dag/src/main/avro/ tez-dag/src/main/java/org/apache/tez/dag/app/ tez-dag/src/main/java/org/apache/tez/dag/app/dag/impl/ tez-dag/src/main/java/org/apache/tez/dag/app/launcher/ tez-... Wed, 01 May, 00:40
ss...@apache.org svn commit: r1477916 - in /incubator/tez/branches/TEZ-1: tez-mapreduce/src/main/java/org/apache/tez/mapreduce/hadoop/ tez-mapreduce/src/main/java/org/apache/tez/mapreduce/partition/ tez-mapreduce/src/main/java/org/apache/tez/mapreduce/processor/ tez-ma... Wed, 01 May, 07:02
ss...@apache.org svn commit: r1477917 - in /incubator/tez/branches/TEZ-1: tez-common/src/main/java/org/apache/tez/common/ tez-common/src/main/java/org/apache/tez/common/records/ tez-dag/src/main/java/org/apache/hadoop/mapred/ tez-dag/src/main/java/org/apache/tez/dag/ap... Wed, 01 May, 07:03
ss...@apache.org svn commit: r1477919 - /incubator/tez/branches/TEZ-1/tez-dag/src/main/java/org/apache/tez/dag/app/TaskAttemptListenerImpTezDag.java Wed, 01 May, 07:30
ss...@apache.org svn commit: r1478188 - /incubator/tez/branches/TEZ-1/tez-mapreduce/src/main/java/org/apache/tez/mapreduce/hadoop/MultiStageMRConfigUtil.java Wed, 01 May, 21:04
hit...@apache.org svn commit: r1478217 - /incubator/tez/branches/TEZ-1/tez-dag/src/main/java/org/apache/tez/dag/app/dag/impl/VertexImpl.java Wed, 01 May, 22:13
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-66. Fix build to allow tez to be built against a specified version of hadoop. (hitesh) Thu, 02 May, 22:24
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-102. Fix shuffle to read the correct comparator class from configuration . Thu, 02 May, 23:17
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-50. In TaskAttempt get user and job name from API (bikas) Mon, 06 May, 18:01
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-50. Addendum patch with bug fix and consolidation of user name (bikas) Mon, 06 May, 22:17
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-104. Fix build after YARN API changes introduced by YARN-142 sub-tasks. Tue, 07 May, 18:10
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-103. Configured Combiner is not being used. Tue, 07 May, 20:39
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-105. Invalid introduction of combiner broke pi job. Tue, 07 May, 22:10
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-94. Add diagnostics to history events. Tue, 07 May, 22:15
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-107. DAG hangs on any task failure. Wed, 08 May, 22:27
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-108. DAG should track numCompleted and numSuccessful vertices separately. Thu, 09 May, 01:30
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-23. Syncing code with changes in patch for trunk. Fixing AMRMProtocol change related build break (bikas) Thu, 09 May, 17:57
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-110. Port TaskAttempt and Task unit tests from trunk. Thu, 09 May, 21:12
mlidd...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-121: build break due to MAPREDUCE-4067 (protocol exception types) Mon, 13 May, 18:16
mlidd...@apache.org [1/2] TEZ-25: Change DAG representation from Configuration object to structured protobuf message Mon, 13 May, 18:21
mlidd...@apache.org [2/2] git commit: TEZ-25: Change DAG representation from Configuration object to structured protobuf message Mon, 13 May, 18:21
mlidd...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-25. cleanup of unused import statements Mon, 13 May, 19:03
mlidd...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-25: rename and cleanup: toplevel name -> DAGProtos. Job message name -> DAGPlan Mon, 13 May, 21:04
bi...@apache.org [1/3] TEZ-123. Cleanup package dependencies. (bikas) Tue, 14 May, 00:38
bi...@apache.org [2/3] TEZ-123. Cleanup package dependencies. (bikas) Tue, 14 May, 00:38
bi...@apache.org [3/3] git commit: TEZ-123. Cleanup package dependencies. (bikas) Tue, 14 May, 00:38
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-127. YARN-615 build break fix (bikas) Tue, 14 May, 21:36
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-128. Add additional unit tests for TaskAttempt. Tue, 14 May, 22:38
mlidd...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-31: implement DAG.verify() to validate structural properties of dag created through tez-dag-api Wed, 15 May, 00:13
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-109. Create tests for VertexImpl. Thu, 16 May, 19:35
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-62. Fix and enable tests in TestMapProcessor and TestReduceProcessor. (sseth) Fri, 17 May, 07:03
bi...@apache.org [1/2] TEZ-9. Add support for client api and records. cleaned up packages (bikas) Fri, 17 May, 23:04
bi...@apache.org [2/2] git commit: TEZ-9. Add support for client api and records. cleaned up packages (bikas) Fri, 17 May, 23:04
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-144. Fix ContainerLaunch to always use ContainerTokens, irrespective of security (YARN-617). (sseth) Sun, 19 May, 03:44
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-134. Untangle MR configuration in YarnTezDagChild. (sseth) Sun, 19 May, 03:51
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-111. Create tests for DAGImpl. (hitesh) Mon, 20 May, 21:50
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-149. MRRuntimeTask should read local dir configuration from config rather than from env. (sseth) Tue, 21 May, 18:28
mlidd...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-92. Pass m/r java-opts to DAG plan Tue, 21 May, 20:24
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-129. Set LocalDirs correctly for MapReduce tasks. (sseth) Tue, 21 May, 23:13
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-9. Support querying state of the DAG AM from a client via a client RPC (bikas) Wed, 22 May, 01:31
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-152. Add a way for MR tasks to figure out which stage they belong to. (sseth) Wed, 22 May, 01:52
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-153. Fix MAPREDUCE-5156 build break (bikas) Wed, 22 May, 23:17
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-32. Fix logging support for MapReduce tasks and AM. (sseth) Thu, 23 May, 18:18
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-150. Fix usage of mapreduce API keys for num maps and num reduces. Removes Tez configuration for in-degree and out-degree. (sseth) Thu, 23 May, 20:40
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-155. Basic fixes for Hive (gunther via bikas) Fri, 24 May, 01:37
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-156. Fix build break due to removal of BuilderUtils Fri, 24 May, 17:14
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-47. Get task max attempts from API or config (bikas) Fri, 24 May, 19:09
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-142. DAG does not throw error when it receives an unknown DAGSchedulerUpdateEvent (bikas) Sat, 25 May, 00:20
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-137 VertexHistoryEvents are using VertexStatus.state instead of VertexImpl.state (bikas) Tue, 28 May, 20:38
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-27. Create tests for DAG Scheduler (bikas) Wed, 29 May, 02:24
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-118. Create a MiniTezCluster for allowing of unit tests. Wed, 29 May, 20:33
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-113. Add unit tests for AMContainer. (sseth) Wed, 29 May, 21:18
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-164. Fix handling of completed, running, pending tasks in AMContainer. (sseth) Wed, 29 May, 23:36
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-168. Fix synchronization issue in use of container tokens when launching a container. Thu, 30 May, 20:21
hit...@apache.org git commit: Include container log urls and counters as part of history events in the AM logs. Thu, 30 May, 20:35
mlidd...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-171: MapUtils should use the temp-dir passed in rather than env:PWD Thu, 30 May, 23:45
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-173. Fix ContainerLauncher to use containerToken in the startContainer call [YARN-684]. (sseth) Fri, 31 May, 05:24
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-174. Fix hadoop-maven-plugin version should be managed through pluginManagement Fri, 31 May, 14:16
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