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From Lost One <>
Subject Question about interpreters
Date Sat, 24 Oct 2009 17:26:58 GMT

Ok I finally compiled everything, I reinstalled Tcl so that .tcl was put in the extension
Then I started experimenting with Websh again, I'm sorry if my questions seem to be kinda
stupid but the last time I ignored interpreters I got stuck.

I have the following problem(s)
When I try to visualize the configuration.html document it doesn't display full. I tried to
change the code in htmlhandler.ws3 to this

 web::initializer {
       web::config putxmarkup tag

restart the server but it ends up only working for only ONE time, then no more. Apache seems
to constantly crash and get back up on it's own. I remember having the same problems with
the older versions too.
If i change the following:

web::interpclasscfg "$webshroot/conf/htmlhandler.ws3" maxrequests 1

or to another number then my  Vista keeps asking me either to close apache or to "find a
solution" for the program, Apache starts automatically up so it's kinda annoying.. 

I don't know what the heck is wrong, or how to use the interpreters or why they're needed,
where they're needed .. how to combine them cause it seems not to display my pages correctly.
I read the quick reference before but it took me lots of hours to figure out some things.
Could it be because I'm on vista? Even sessions seemed to work weird, and without a proper
interpreter I felt lost so I stopped using Websh.


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