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From Ronnie Brunner <>
Subject Re: ANNOUNCE: Websh3.6.0b5
Date Sun, 27 Sep 2009 19:36:25 GMT
Hi Geroge

> Can websh be used to create an HTTP REST service in tcl?

Sure. But then, I guess you can create a REST service with just about
every technology.

Websh at least provides an easy interface to handle PATH_INFO and all
parameters or form vars. That's abot what you need to create a REST

> Ideally I want to have a thread pool (the one in the thread package)  
> with N threads already initialised. Can websh receive a request, place a  
> task in the thread pool and return the result?

Well, I don't really know the thread package. Websh already provides
an interpreter pool (when run as mod_websh) that you can use to handle
mutliple requests per interpreter.

It should not be a problem to use a thread package, as Websh is "just"
an ordinary Tcl interpreter anyway. The only thing to onsider is
making sure that you understand what your apache process model is and
what you expect Websh to do, so that you scale where you actually plan

That doesn't help much, I guess, but your question was pretty
vage... I still hth ;-)

Ronnie Brunner |
phone +41-44-247 79 79 | fax +41-44-247 70 75
Netcetera AG | 8040 Z├╝rich | Switzerland |

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