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From "Ashok P. Nadkarni" <>
Subject Re: websh crash - possible cause
Date Tue, 23 Jun 2009 05:31:58 GMT
After fixing the logdest/close problem, the rest of the tests from 'make 
test' ran fine. I have not gotten around to running apachetest. It 
failed when I tried it because Ubuntu Apache does not have its 
configuration layout in the format expected by the test suite. I need to 
uninstall it and install a standard Apache distribution first and retry. 
Maybe today or tomorrow.


Ronnie Brunner wrote:
>> It appears as though websh will crash if "logdest delete" is called on  
>> log destination that is a channel after closing the channel via Tcl's  
>> close command. In particular, test log-2.6 has the following sequence:
>>    close $fh
>>    web::logdest delete
> Yes, web::logdest has a problem if the channel is closed. I'll be
> looking at this in the next few days. Thanks for finding that one.
> In the mean time: if you just put the [close $fh] statement after the
> [web::logdest delete] statement in this test: does your setup still
> crash? Do you get other errors?
>> Please verify if that might the problem. Of course, that may or may not  
>> be the cause of the crashes you are seeing.
> It is not the cause for my problems.
>> Funnily enough on XP and Tcl 8.6 the test suite runs fine. I suppose it  
>> depends when that memory gets reused.
> Yeah, probably. (I never had this test fail on my RedHat boxes either).
> Ronnie

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