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From "Ashok P. Nadkarni" <>
Subject websh crashes - possible cause
Date Sat, 20 Jun 2009 11:35:03 GMT
(apologies if duplicate - my previous email did not show up on the list)


Regarding the "make test" crashes on Ubuntu -

It appears as though websh will crash if "logdest delete" is called on 
log destination that is a channel after closing the channel via Tcl's 
close command. In particular, test log-2.6 has the following sequence:
   close $fh
   web::logdest delete
This results eventually in a call to Tcl_Flush from 
destroyLogToChannelData with a channel pointer that is no longer valid. 
The end-result is likely to be random crashes as Tcl_Flush does not seem 
to do any validation.

Please verify if that might the problem. Of course, that may or may not 
be the cause of the crashes you are seeing.

Funnily enough on XP and Tcl 8.6 the test suite runs fine. I suppose it 
depends when that memory gets reused.



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