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From Lost One <>
Subject About Websh... Sessions and stuff..:)
Date Sun, 03 May 2009 20:58:52 GMT
First of all I would like to congratulate you guys for your efforts WebSh.. it's a good alternative..
It takes a lot of time to develop something serious.. You get lots of errors and have to debug
it like no other...
I spent a few hours compiling the mod_websh with xampp to find out later on that Apache provides
a easy binary of Apache...

past 3 days  I spent more than 20 hours in total to make a pathetic
Register, Login, Request Password and template file..... It wouldn't
have taken more than a few hours to make it in PHP! (well.. debugging +
sql testing..)
And I still have problems with it .. I'm thinking of
deleting it and every file i used for WebSh on my computer because of
the time I lost trying to figure out a few simple things ...
I read all the documentation, went through all the examples And i have a few
 questions(well,a lot more but i'll put some examples later`}

web::dispatch thing is very good when you have 1 file.. But what do I
do when i've got 3 files and I need to communicate one with another?
Send data and stuff... Because I made a something with web::include...
and even altered the web::cmdurlcfg -scriptname ...
How can you use
the sessions so you ACTUALLY send it from one page(file) to another.. i
tried almost everything.. and nothing worked... 

Or can you
make it so that once you set a session you can get it back in every
file you access? (Just like php, not only through links)

should I access those multiple files if i need them? How should I
rescript my script in order to work that way.. (clearly: i go to my
site, i see index.ws3 that includes auth.ws3  then i chose a link to
register, .. the form & settings go on.. Registration is succesful,
i look in my database and it works, then i login succesfully.. and then
the problems come... sessions work only on the first page after the
login (map.ws3) but only a part there.. for the rest i get some weird
problems, sometimes a few procs don't work..)

Thanks in advance...

P.S. Any motives in WHY i should still use WebSh? Cause i already spent a lot of time in learning

If you have some extra examples you guys could show me.. i would be very happy to learn out
of them..


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