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From Ronnie Brunner <>
Subject Re: mod_websh DLL on Windows and other questions
Date Wed, 17 Jun 2009 13:40:10 GMT
> On another note, I would like to make precompiled binaries, for Windows  
> and possibly Linux, available from my Woof ( site.  
> Would you have any objections to that? Primary purpose is to allow users  
> to install easily without needing a compiler and tools, at least on  
> Windows. FYI, Woof is a Rails-like framework that is server-independent.  
> For Apache the preferred interface is mod_websh for performance reasons  
> although it supports CGI and SCGI modes as well. Let me know if you're  
> ok with my redistributing binaries.

I'm totally OK with that. (I actually plan to provide some on the
offical web site as well, if I ever get to release 3.6.0, but that
certainly shouldn't prevent you from doing so...

Small note: I usually test Websh on Window, Linux and Solaris for
Tcl8.4, 8.5 and 8.6 with Apache 1.3, 2.0 and 2.2

- Websh with Tcl8.6 does not work yet on Linux and Solaris: the apache
  module crashes (standalone test suite works)
- Apache 1.3.41 does not perfectly work on Windows: 
  [web::config server_root] does not work on my machines
- Apache 2.2.11 sometimes crashes on Windows (nmake apachetest
  regularly crashes with Tcl8.5 and Tcl8.6)

Maybe some tests on your environment might either help track the bugs
or at least confirm the problems... So I wouldn't mind if you could run
make test as well as make apachetest on your system(s) and let me know
the outcome.

Ronnie Brunner |
phone +41-44-247 79 79 | fax +41-44-247 70 75
Netcetera AG | 8040 Z├╝rich | Switzerland |

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