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Subject Re: i18n problems in Websh (multibyte charsets) (was Re: switching to apache)
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 05:52:02 GMT
Hi, Ronnie,

About webout_eval_tag() patch, I'd got confution.
It was bad idea that importing related code from tcl-rivet.
I should make more modifies for websh.

I've read the code more carfully. And I think I found the

Current webout_eval_tag() contains following code:
	prev = cur;
char * cur contains the contents. It may be unicode string.
This means it may be multi-byte string not only single-byte.
So cur++ may not point next char.

I think above lines should be as following:
	prev = cur;
	cur = (char *)Tcl_UtfNext(cur);

An attatchement is new patch against CVS-HEAD.
I think it work fine.

But I found another probrems.

Scripts under test/ are contain raw 8bit strings.
And I think there are raw 8bit unicode strings ....

It requires "encoding system utf-8".
But many system has other encoding such as iso8859-1, euc-jp,
and so on.
Such systems can not read raw 8bit unicode strings.
I think they should use \uXXXX notation.


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