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From Ronnie Brunner <>
Subject i18n problems in Websh (multibyte charsets) (was Re: switching to apache)
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2005 15:00:22 GMT
Hi Taguchi

I tried to apply your patches, but it was not as straight forward as I
thought: lots of your changes (e.g. Tcl8.4 compliancy) have already
been solved in the HEAD version of Websh (your patch was against the
original websh3.5.0). 

Now I have the following problems:
- I needed to modify the, because it would not compile
  anymore on Solaris (I can find out what to do there)
- The test suite does not work anymore: the web_out_eval_tag function
  does not work as expected. Did the tests work in your environment?
  (I'd be surprised). The way it looks: web::putx is broken when used
  recurrsively and escaping does not work the same anymore. -> the
  following tests fail:
  ==== putx-2.3 web::putx nested FAILED
  ==== putx-2.4 special syntax FAILED
  ==== putx-2.5 escaping FAILED
  ==== putx-2.6 escaped paren FAILED
  ==== putx-3.0d <? ?> syntax escaping FAILED
  ==== putx-3.1 nested <? ?> syntax FAILED
  ==== putx-3.2 gloabally switch to tag syntax FAILED
  ==== putx-3.3 gloabally switch back to normal eval syntax FAILED
  ==== putx-3.6 putx of empty string before first brace does not send headers FAILED
  ==== putx-3.7 putx of empty string before first brace does not send headers FAILED

-> Obviously there is some work needed to make that properly work. And
I'm not sure if I'll get to do it, but if you manage to make our tests
running, I wouldn't mind ;-)

I'll keep the issue open until either someone sends a solution or I
have time to look at it.

Best regards

> > Please sent your bug reports to (with me in
> > CC). I don't remember any mails regarding these issue, except for a
> > supposedly unsolved "special characters" issue that I could
> > not reproduce.
> See following URL:
> This patch solved my following probrems.
>   a. websh does not deal pages which written using multi-byte letters
>     such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and so on.
>   b. broken page probrem.
>     For example, translate strings which contained in websh live examples
>     from English to Japanese, then push submit button. 
>     So you will get broken pages.
> Original web_eval_tag() assumes all string is single byte one.
> But unicode string is multi-byte.
> So multi-byte page will be broken.
> But notice. web_eval_tag() in this patch is modified version of
> tcl-rivet one.
> Additionally, parseUrlEncodeFormData() in formdata.c set channel option
> -translation to "binary". This code also will set option -encoding to binary
> implicitly. see following example.

Ronnie Brunner                    
Netcetera AG, 8040 Zuerich, phone +41 44 247 79 79 fax +41 44 247 70 75

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