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From Ulrich Schoebel <>
Subject cookiecontext
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 21:34:31 GMT
Hi Ronnie,

17. Sep. 2004 I wrote:
> the LC_TIME patch works perfectly...

Unfortunately that's not entirely correct.
I have set LANG=de_DE@euro in my
environment, LC_TIME is not set. The log
files show a date format of
until a commit for a cookiecontext is executed.
Thereafter the format switches to mm/dd/yy.

In a certain obscure way Tcl or Websh
remembers the date format until a
"clock format" is executed.

As a workaround I inserted a "clock format 0"
after every commit of a cookiecontext.
It accomplishes nothing but a reset to the
former date format and a (admittedly small)
loss of performance.

It's probably possible to insert this line in
generic/cookie.ws3 to hide this bug from
the user, but it's nevertheless an ugly hack.
I would rather know the reason for this
behaviour (and, of course, have it fixed),
but I'm clueless where to look. Any idea?

Kind regards


PS: When will a new release containing
all the bug fixes be available at

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