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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: Last tweaks for the tar ball and documentation
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 16:40:15 GMT
Ronnie Brunner <> writes:

> - the doc/Makefile doesn't create a quickref.html anymore. This
> shuld be reintroduced, because otherwise the web page doesn't work
> (needs to be added to the download directory of the site in a single
> file named quickref.html)

I created a directory html/ which is populated with all the different
files.  quickref is pretty big, and I thought it would be best to be
able to download seperate files.
> - Is there a simple way to generate quickref.txt as well?
We could generate one big quickref.html and use lynx or links to
translate it to text.

> - I don't like the idea of having every file in the repository in
> the tar ball distribution: I'd prefer leave the CVS directories and
> the examples (which are way outdated) out and include quickref.html
> and quickref.txt instead. (I can work on that tar file, including
> the naming and the content, but it would be great if someone
> (i.e. David)* could take care of the doc generation.

Is it ok if we just dump the examples altogether, with the idea that
the ones from the site will be included at some future date?

> - For now I suggest that the tagging is manual and that we find
> something for automation later (also for all the replacments of
> Websh's version numbers in the README and other files)


> - I fiddled around with the websh.spec, but I can't test it. Can
> anyone quickly see if it works?
I might be able to do something along those lines, but we'll
see... don't count on it.

> *) sorry for being so direct, but I don't think anyone else is
> listening ;-(

What else?

David N. Welton
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