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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: release plans
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 17:14:53 GMT
Ronnie Brunner <> writes:

> I strongly agree. What I have problems with is that fact, that I
> think we have different sources for partly the same documentation:
> the site has some docu and the source. Some streamlining would be
> cool. I'll try looking into that this week.

Oh, with that, I think we should dump whatever the site has and
exclusively use the documentation that ships with Websh.  I don't
think anyone wants to try and keep two versions in sync.

The problem with this is purely one of infrastructure... how to make
CVS keep a checked out version of the latest docs, from the tcl-websh
module, within the tcl-site module checked out on

I currently do exactly that with the mod_dtcl docs, but I'm not
entirely satisfied with the results...  it works fine on the live box,
but not on my local box, because the local checked out copy is from
anonymous CVS and thus, checkins of the whole doc/ tree don't work,
because anonymous CVS has no access...  I could use a 'real' checked
out version, but that makes me nervous, as I don't want to change the
docs from there.  I will ask the Apache folks if they have any ideas.
> > 2) The site.  I think everything's working, including the examples.
> Great. I just setup a test environment but I only briefly looked at
> the site so far: what still has to be done is the download area and
> some fixes. Any idea what we'll have for download whn we go online?
> only the source tar ball?

Rolling a source tarball is easy.  I don't know about other formats -
at the moment, all I have is my laptop, and I don't think PPC Linux
binaries are in that much demand.

> > If there are no objections, let's set a goal of next monday, ok?
> Go for it ...

Ok, let's try for Wednesday evening my time for both of us to have
working test sites.  That means that we fix up the download area, and
integrate the documentation from the tcl-websh module.

On your end, I suppose you need to ready to do a redirect,
or however we're going to handle that (I think a redirect is best).

I would also like to have a press release of some kind, in which we
mention Websh, Netcetera, and maybe the Rivet alpha as "in other news,
...", in order to hype the Apache Tcl project some.  (I had a dream
last night about giving my talk at ApacheCon and having only two
people show up!).

David N. Welton
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   Apache Tcl:

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