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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: Status development websh3.5 and documentation
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2002 16:15:23 GMT
Ronnie Brunner <> writes:

> We're somehow behind schedule: we planned a release by end of last
> month. I would appreciate, if we could concentrate on the important
> stuf now, so the effort we put into the project actually gets us
> somewhere.

> - Are there any code issues that still need to be looked at?

Yes - we need a way to get the location of the script for mod_websh
stuff.  We also need to fix the session stuff, along with a few
makefile tweaks, maybe.

> - What's the status of the web site migration?

Depends on the above, and getting the server set up.  I've been going
back and forth with Brian about this, trying to get something that is
both acceptable to the admins and to the Apache Tcl group.

> - The documentation still sucks (oops, xcuse my language)

I agree, but there's a lot of it:-( I've spent a lot of hours wading
through it, and it seems like it never ends...

> Imho we need to put most of the effort into the documentation. A few
> suggestions and issues that came up when I looked at quickref.xml
> today:

> - the commands are not consistently documented (e.g. web::tempfile
> does not have a syntax)

> - The contents is very un-readable. A few suggestions (just as a
>   discussion basis):
>   - Split Command dispatching and session management into two chapters
>   - *Only* have the commands as subchapters (except for the
>     introduction chapter) I don't know if that scales, but I'd like to
>     have a cleaner Contents section
>   - This would actually imply that the examples have to be moved
>     somehow (either create an examples section at the end and link the
>     different chapters to the examples)
>   - Move the general description stuff to the beginning of the
>     respective section (e.g. in the Command dispatching section the
>     stuff about the cmdurlcfg)
>   I know that I haven't the cool solution either, but we definitly
>   have to improve the documentation not just on the content side, but
>   also on the formal side.

> - Documentation is not uptodate. e.g. web::cmdurlcfg still describes
>   the -protocol option 
>   -> we HAVE to really look at every command in detail and check the
>   documentation for accuracy. And I don't see a different way than
>   splitting up [info commands web::*] and assign a couple of commands
>   to everyone willing to spend a couple of hours.

> Opinions?

Not much to be done other than wading through it.  It's time
consuming, though:-( I've been doing my best to get the structure
cleaned up.

David N. Welton
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