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From Ronnie Brunner <>
Subject Re: web site
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2002 17:10:28 GMT
I just wanted to tell you this, because I had the exact same problem.
My approach would be still the same as it was when we started this

Have an accessor in web::config that sets up these vars at startup
time for mod_websh and at request time for CGI (which is good enough

-> a common accessor in cfg.c with specific implementations in
modwebsh_ap.c and modwebsh_cgi.c respectively should do the trick.

I'll be in scholl tomorrow and Saturday, so the earliest for me to
look at it would be Sunday or Monday, but I could do it if you don't
feel comfortable with it.

> Hrm... there is a problem, however.  When interpmap is called,
> web::request isn't set up.
> I guess that leaves us back with the chdir problem.  Maybe we need to
> immediately set up a variable... yuck:-/

Ronnie Brunner                     
Netcetera AG, 8040 Zuerich    phone +41 1 247 79 79 Fax: +41 1 247 70 75

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