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From Ronnie Brunner <>
Subject Re: still no word on chdir stuff
Date Sun, 07 Apr 2002 13:18:18 GMT
> I've been asking around on, but the more I think
> about it, the more I'm not sure about what to do...  I mean,
> basically, even in Tcl, using Tcl's threads, there is no guarantee
> that another one could come along and change the cwd, right?

The only thing you can do if you really need to chdir: have a look
that you put around your chdir and all subsequent uses of cwd. But
that's really ugly -> we should really try to rely on paths from
whatever environment or accessor (just as proposed) and if any
developer really wants to use chdir and cwd he better makes sure he
does the locking. I see no other possibility.
Ronnie Brunner                     
Netcetera AG, 8040 Zuerich    phone +41 1 247 79 79 Fax: +41 1 247 70 75

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