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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: current status: core dump
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 18:24:43 GMT
Ronnie Brunner <> writes:

> Working on solaris, I get core dumps when runnig th test suite (in
> both threaded and non-threaded versions fo websh with apache 2 and
> apache 1.3 respectively).

> Since I ran all tests w/o problem this afternoon, some of the
> changes from David or me must have created a problem. Anyone else
> with similar observations?

Damn... they work for me.  I will go back through and look at them

> BTW: Compiling mod_websh for Apache 2 doesn't work because there are
> some header files missing for interpool.c: the recent changes in

>     #include <sys/stat.h>
>     #include <unistd.h>
> on my machine. The are included in th Apache 1.3 headers, but not in
> the Tcl headers and not in the Apache 2 headers. (Which is actually
> strange, because it's something Tcl uses ...)

Hrm...  I wonder if we ought to investigate the apr function that does
'stat'?  Those files are Apache specific, right, so we ought to be
able to count on that.

David N. Welton
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