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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: remaining fixme's
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2002 11:45:06 GMT

interpool.c:502:	/* fixme: in threaded mode, this is a bit too rude maybe */

How shall we make it more polite?  I don't really understand the
problem - destroyPool might stomp on someone else's resources?

log.c:832:    /* fixme: destroyLogPlugIn - have to assume that all channels are closed */

Let's just send something to stderr, then.

logtochannel.c:162:    /* fixme: should we do this on a channel ? */
    /* Tcl_Seek(logToChannelData->channel, 0, SEEK_END); */

       The driver must provide implementations for all  functions
       except  blockModeProc, seekProc, setOptionProc, getOption­
       Proc, and close2Proc, which  may  be  specified  as  NULL.

So, I would say that we shouldn't be doing it, just in case...

logutl.c:432:	/* fixme: race condition under WIN NT */

Don't know about NT, although if you describe the problem, I can take
a stab at it.

mod_websh.c:176:    /* fixme: is this correct? (reset the locks) */

static void *merge_websh_config(APPOOL * p, void *basev, void *overridesv)
    /* fixme: is this correct? (reset the locks) */
    ((websh_server_conf *) overridesv)->mainInterpLock = NULL;
    ((websh_server_conf *) overridesv)->webshPoolLock = NULL;
    return overridesv;

It seems like an odd place to be doing this...  This should be done as
an initilization step, no?  I mean, there aren't seperate locks for
overridden server configurations.

David N. Welton
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