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From (David N. Welton)
Subject TODO List - towards a release.
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 12:02:19 GMT

So, as I resume work on WebSH, here is my initial TODO list, with the
goal being a release sometime in March.

1) Source code.

All open bugs:

Open Issues:

* 4714: extend log file options to be able to log all but one log

  Question: does it make sense to extend the functionality to
  accomplish what syslog does?

* 4720, 5043: using raw 'env' array not correct way of doing things.
  Possible replacement suggested, awaiting comments because it is not
  %100 backwards compability with previous functionality.

        by default, urlData->scheme is not filled in, leaving it as a
        config option, which does fill it in.

        At 'runtime' (when cmdurl is run), it then either fills it in
        with 1) the config option (takes precedence) 2) https, if
        that's found amongst the environmental variables, or 3) the

        The problem is that  lappend res [web::cmdurlcfg -scheme]
        doesn't work anymore, as things are filled in at runtime.
* 4724: (web::putxfile: eval all file even in case of an error in one

  I don't have a good explanation of why a file running broken code
  should continue when there are problems.  There has been some
  discussion of this issue lately on comp.lang.tcl, and it appears as
  if it's difficult to accomplish, and possibly buggy.  

  Since we control the environment, I would suggest that if there are
  non-fatal problems, we reflect that in our Tcl usage (catch), rather
  than ignoring all errors and attempting to continue at all costs.

* 4729: catch used with web::dispatch.  

  The provided example isn't something reproducable.  Unclear what the
  exact problem is, and am hoping that a test case might be made
  available which illustrates the problem.

* 4740: build system.  What remains to be done?

  - RPM's and, hopefully, Debian packages.

2) Documentation

* The documentation needs to be brought up-to-date to reflect the
  current state of affairs, new commands, functionality, and so on.  A
  build system is also necessary in order to be able to create
  multiple outputs (printed, web, etc...) from the sources.

3) Infrastructure

* Web site - what to do with it?  

  There are several options for hosting.

  - Leave things as they are, and just link from  Speaking from my Apache chair, I don't
    particularly like this, as I would like for WebSH to be a part of
    the Apache fold.
  - Move things over to in some fashion.  I have root
    on this machine, so we can do whatever needs be with it to make
    things work.

  As far as design issues go, the current site is very nice, and the
  only immediate change might be some more link exchanges between and  Shall we do this immediately, or wait
  for the release and have a sort of "big bang"?  This touches on
  marketing strategy.

* Mailing lists.  They are archived on the web now, at
  I am still haranguing the Apache folks to try and square something
  away so that we have archives on *our* machines under our control.
  However, the guy behind is quite helpful and
  responsive, for the moment.  If you have any comments about the
  archives as they stand now, I would be happy to pass them along.

4) Timeline

My proposal for the timeline is as follows:

Step 1: source code work, with goal of freezing code for our meeting
towards the end of February.

Step 2: Update documentation to reflect current sources.

Step 3: Discuss infrastructure and other outstanding issues at
meeting, and agree on a plan.

Step 4: Resolve any outstanding issues or problems.

Step 5: Release, including 'marketing' - press release on Apache
        release list, open source sites (lwn, slashdot, etc...).

Comments?  Ideas?  Additions?

As far as the source code, it's important that I get feedback for some
of the proposed changes.

David N. Welton
Free Software:
   Apache Tcl:

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