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From (David N. Welton)
Subject fixme's
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 17:56:58 GMT

Here is the complete list (as a convenience to reply to):

formdata.c:64:    /* fixme: we don't set the channel options back. maybe we should  ;-) */
formdata.c:216:    /* fixme: we don't set the channel options back. maybe we should  ;-) */
formdata.c:265:    /* fixme: only read content_length bytes ... */
interpool.c:106:	/* fixme: some logging needed? */
interpool.c:197:	    /* fixme: BIG EXCEPTION, what to do? */
interpool.c:217:	    /* fixme: log the message into our main interp */
interpool.c:357:		/* fixme: put id in log (for easier debugging) */
interpool.c:404:	    /* fixme: do something useful */
interpool.c:449:	    /* fixme: add interp id to log */
interpool.c:471:    /* fixme: is this really called once, by a single thread, and we don't
interpool.c:478:	/* fixme: in threaded mode, this is a bit too rude maybe */
interpool.c:641:		    /* fixme: put id in log (for easier debugging) */
log.c:832:    /* fixme: destroyLogPlugIn - have to assume that all channels are closed */
logtoap.h:19:/* fixme: not specified yet */
mod_websh.c:163:    /* fixme: is this correct? (reset the locks) */
mod_websh.c:191:	/* fixme: what now!
mod_websh.c:338:    /* fixme: do we really need to check for existence and directory? */
mod_websh.c:363:    /* fixme: proper checking of file or link in test above */
mod_websh.c:438:    /* fixme: look at mod_example how to set this as pool cleanup in child_init

modwebsh_ap.c:300:	/* fixme: should get mtime for id, but this needs lock on mainInterp
paramlist.c:35:    /* fixme-later: fixed allocation */
paramlist.c:93:    /* fixme: ref count of value correct here? */
paramlist.c:434:	    /* fixme: error message */
paramlist.c:449:    /* fixme: error message */
request.c:27:/* fixme: why prototype here? */
request.c:69:    /*fixme: needed? */
request.c:130:	/* fixme: this is ap/cgi specific */
request.c:216:	    /* fixme: check for result of remove() --> log message */
request.c:424:    /* fixme: should I check for for TMP_MAX filenames per app ? */
request_ap.c:63:    /* fixme: make the following possible */
request_ap.c:95:    /* fixme: better name */
response_ap.c:46:	/* fixme: might get that differently */
response_ap.c:56:	    /* fixme: is this the proper way of dealing with the problem that
response_ap.c:84:		    /* fixme: ap_table_setn overwrites -> only last header is set !!!
response_ap.c:86:			/* fixme: check if case insenitive case compare */
response_ap.c:118:	/* fixme: how to force headers to be sent? */
webout.c:234:    /* fixme: here the keys might not be strictly case sensitive */
webout.c:351:		    /* fixme: same error msg as above if there's no

You can add this to the end of the list, save it as 'fixmes' and have
a permanently addressable list of them:

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