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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: TODO List - towards a release.
Date Sat, 23 Feb 2002 00:57:58 GMT (David N. Welton) writes:

[ I seem to recall sending this already... hrmm, hope it's not a
repeat ]

> > wouldn't the simplest approach be to add a subcommand "exlude" to
> > web::logfilter?

> > 	web::logfilter exclude some.debug

> > This would be a global filter that just excludes messages of the
> > specified types. (In contrast to the add subcommand: these levels
> > can't be added with later calls to "web::logfilter add".)

> This sounds ok to me, but will it provide enough flexibility in the
> future?

> ... reading code ...

> I suppose so.  It does it in a more Tcl'ish way, too, than adding
> even more 'funny characters'.

> This will slow things down just a bit, as loops like this:

>     while (nextFromHashIterator(&iterator) != TCL_ERROR) {

> 	filter = (LogLevel *) valueOfCurrent(&iterator);
> 	if (doesPass(logLevel, filter) == TCL_OK)
> 	    return TCL_OK;
>     }

> Will have to check the whole list, to make sure there aren't any
> 'negators'.  Either that, or two lists...  We will also need a way
> to represent these when we print out the list of filters.  '!' seems
> like a logical candidate.  Might it be problematic though, that the
> output of 'names' would not be parsable by 'logfilter add'?  I.e.,
> you couldn't cycle through the list and reuse it.

After contemplating this, it seems like two lists are the best way to
go.  However, this is going to be complicated, as far as I can tell,
so I need to know what the balance is.  Do we want to put a ! in the
names output, for instance?  That will screw up anyone trying to use
the current format to put back into their scripts.

David N. Welton
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