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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: external software?
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2002 11:30:42 GMT
Wojciech Kocjan <> writes:

> David N. Welton wrote:

> > I'm trying to think up a list of what people would like to use from
> > their apache tcl installations.
> > XML
> >  - which ones?

> I suppose TclDOM 2. and TclXML 2.x thetas are the most interesting ones.

Ok.  I'll have a look.

> > Database stuff - mysql, postgres, oracle

> Definitely.

Any recommendations for the mysql interface to use?  tcl-sql and
mysqltcl are the two candidates.  mysqltcl is a bit limited,
unfortunately.  I tried to write an interface for it to Michael
Cleverly's database layer, but it's lacking some of the necessary

> > gdtclft?
> > incr Tcl?

> Probably just a big bloat - I never lacked OO in Tcl for anything
> else than GUI.


> > TclX?

> This one is tricky.

I think it's worth putting it on the page in some way.

> > shared memory? (need to write interface to libmm...)

> I suppose something for sharing data would be cool - ie ap_share set
> domain name value

Just finished writing the interface:-) It's pretty cool, although I
have a sneaking suspicion that something else useing sockets is
probably much better, in that it's more portable, and doesn't suffer
from some of the limitations...

> > Maybe we ought to look at distributing some of this stuff directly
> > from, to make people's lives easier.

> I know you don't like it, but bundling stuff with mod_dtcl (the so
> called 'kitchen sink') would be nice.

Well, Damon wants to do that, and I think what we'll end up doing is
having two or more distributions.  One with all the crap loaded up,
and another 'core' one.  Although, the best solution would be to be
able to get stuff off the web, on-demand...:-/

David N. Welton
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