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From Jason Brazile <>
Subject Re: docbook findings
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 11:02:32 GMT
Just to add a little more information to David's previous mail:

We currently generate html from xml at Netcetera like this:

  xsltproc --xinclude \
    -o quickref.html /usr/local/share/ncadoc/ncadoc.xsl quickref.xml

Where the ncadoc.xsl just includes a lot of other xsl files. One
of them is a netcetera customized .xsl file which overrides some
of the transformations (e.g. for headers and footers).

The idea is that we can perhaps include a customization to overide
the transformation for cmdsynopsis.arg.


Jason Brazile                       
Netcetera AG, 8040 Zuerich    phone +41 1 247 70 70  fax +41 1 247 70 75

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