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From Ronnie Brunner <>
Subject Re: remaining source code issues
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 10:16:39 GMT
> Should the recently committed changes be acceptable, there are just a
> few things left off of the bug list to do in the actual source code:
>         Decide what to do about {=.  I don't like it much, myself.

I'd throw it out. The same can be achieved with

    proc = {msg} {web::put $msg}

so there is no added value in it, just more code and exceptions and stuff.

>         Decide what to do about attempting to catch blocks of code in
>         'putx'.

After thinking about it for a while, I tend to agree with David: let
the developer care. if he doesn't want a code block to crash, he's got
to catch it and react properly {if {[catch {do somthing stupid}]}
{web::put "I'm sorry"}}. -> putx should just normaly return as soon as
there is an uncaught error.

> Beyond that, what else is there to do before we are ready to freeze
> the source code?  There are a number of fixme's in the sources - are
> there any of them that should be given priority?

It seems there are still tons of fixmes in the mod_websh part of the
code. I think we should make sure that the most important one of those
are fixed: i.e. have a reliable mod_websh for the release. (I haven't
looked at them very specifically yet.)

I'd like to look at some issues when you David are in Zurich next
week: I'll opt for the code freeze after your visit. (But what ever
you can do before that -> all the better.)

Ronnie Brunner                     
Netcetera AG, 8040 Zuerich    phone +41 1 247 79 79 Fax: +41 1 247 70 75

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