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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: uricode.c problem
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2001 15:15:31 GMT
Ronnie Brunner <> writes:

> Compiling generic/uricode.c (version 1.3) I get a couple of
> warnings: my compiler does not like line 141 (function uriDecode):

> 	 signed char *utf = NULL;

> The warning makes sense, since all the functions using utf need a
> char* and not a signed char*.

You mean an unsigned char*?  Just using a 'char *' is dangerous,
because it changes.  On my PPC box, for example, by default it's
unsigned (and so the comparisons were not really comparing anything).

Hrm... the Tcl man page says:

        A Tcl_UniChar is a Unicode character repre­ sented as an
        unsigned, fixed-size quantity.  A UTF-8 char­ acter is a
        Unicode character represented as a varying- length sequence of
        up to TCL_UTF_MAX bytes.  A multibyte UTF-8 sequence consists
        of a lead byte followed by some number of trail bytes.

So I guess unsigned is correct, but then they should spell that out in
the man page?  I'm a bit confused.

What does your compiler say if you use an 'unsigned char*'?

> However, fixing this has to break the code, since there are some if
> and else clauses on (utf > 0).  Couldn't these checks be changed to
> (utf > 127)?

Sure, no problem.  But then it has to be spelled out that it is an
unsigned char, as by default, i386 uses signed chars.

> BTW: unfortunately the test suite still works perfectly even if the
> code is broken -> there should be some additional tests on
> web::uridecode...

Maybe we should try some trickery with the comparison, so that we can
just use the default 'char *' type...

David N. Welton
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