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From Simon Hefti <>
Subject (was: Re: open bug list / website)
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2001 20:20:16 GMT

> Currently,
> make
> seems to work ok, although the resulting shared lib segfaults
> Apache...

I am trying to look into that. While doing so, I stumbled over a
compile problem with our old Solaris cc (did not find the version
string real quick, but it is dated 1996):

-I"/home/hefti/myprojects//installed/apache-1.3/include/"    -O  -KPIC
-c ../generic/script.c
"../generic/script.h", line 2: newline in string literal

gcc-2.95.2 has no problem with that. Then again, the configure script
does not figure out the compile/link settings properly, and linking
fails, again on Solaris-2.6.


Simon Hefti                           
Netcetera AG, 8040 Zuerich    phone +41 1 247 79 47  fax +41 1 247 70 75

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