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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: cvs commit: tcl-websh/src/generic url.c url.h
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2001 10:22:24 GMT
Simon Hefti <> writes:

> please keep in mind that with mod_websh, you will not find HTTP
> headers in the environment.

Would it make sense to put them there?  If I were writing an
application that I subsequently decided to run under mod_websh, I
would find the absence of these a bit irritating.

> I think you should use an accessor to be websh/mod_websh
> independent.  I thought that we have such an accessor at C level,
> but that seems not to be true. Just to explain the concept (I assume
> you realized that long ago, but anyway):

> - foo.h     declares the "interface"
> - foo_ap.c  provides the implementation in the mod_websh case
> - foo_cgi.c provides the implementation for the websh case
> - foo.c     implements common parts

> In this example, the method "requestFillRequestValues" is
> implemented both in request_ap.c and request_cgi.c.

> So, I think what we will need is something like
> Tcl_Obj *getHttpHeader(Tcl_Obj *key) {}
> abd use this instead of
> >   +	char *https = Tcl_GetVar2(interp, "env", "HTTPS", 0);

> What do you think ?

That's a good idea, but what's to prevent us from just filling in the
'env' array, so that people can see these variables from the user
level as well?  That's what I do in mod_dtcl/rivet, and the NWS guys
do as well.

David N. Welton
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