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From (David N. Welton)
Subject log level (all but one)
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2001 12:45:37 GMT

        it should be possible to do all log levels *except* for one.

I was looking at syslog, which the websh logging facilities seem to
approximate in some ways (at least as far as the levels), and they
have the following syntax:

        # Store critical stuff in critical
              *.=crit;kern.none            /var/adm/critical

       This will store all messages with the priority crit in the
       file /var/adm/critical, except for any kernel message.

              # Kernel messages are first, stored in the kernel
              # file, critical messages and higher ones also go
              # to another host and to the console
              kern.*                       /var/adm/kernel
              kern.crit                    @finlandia
              kern.crit                    /dev/console
    ;kern.!err          /var/adm/kernel-info


       The fourth line tells the syslogd to save all kernel  mes­
       sages that come with priorities from info up to warning in
       the file /var/adm/kernel-info.  Everything  from  err  and
       higher is excluded.

Is that the sort of thing you would like to be able to do?

"All except for one" doesn't seem to be that useful, at least as far
as levels go.  Destinations, on the other hand, I could see as being

Maybe the best thing is to try and approximate the syslog
functionality, in order to really cover all our bases?

David N. Welton
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