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From Ronnie Brunner <>
Subject Re: open bug list / website
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 19:33:48 GMT

> I requested a list of open bugs a week or so ago, and don't believe
> I've seen it, unless I've misplaced it somewhere.

I thought this was what I sent you in one of the first mails:

ToDo-List Websh

The following current issues are from Netcetera's internal issue handler
tool (ISIS). These issues should be transferred to thenew place by week 44.

- Change default behaviour of web::log with respect to subst

- Modify/Adapt packaging (autoconf etc.)
- Adapt directroy structure for apache 1.3/apache 2.0

- 3.0.0 winNT build on website
- Make 3.0.0 RPMs (Linux + BSD) + website

- Exclusion of log filters
  e.g. log all but level info, log all but facility foo
- Make examples/doc on 3.00 ready
  many examples are still pre 3.00 API

- web::response -select default should set the default output channel
  depending on mode (websh or mod_websh), web::response -select default
  should set the channel to the default channel (currently stdout and
  apache respectively)

- Error in web::dispatch -postdata not propagated
  An error in parsing postdata in web::dispatch is not propagated, so
  e.g. problems parsing the content-length parameter in
  "web::dispatch -postdata" is not reported.
  Fix should be:
  dispatch.c: return value of calls to parsePostData() might be TCL_ERROR
  and should terminate the current procedure and propagate TCL_ERROR.

- Wrong default scheme in cmdurl ??
  default is always http. Should depend on server scheme. check if
  env(HTTPS) has value "on" (or is there a better way?)

- web::response set headers in image example on

- Incorporate changes for Apache 2 into source
  Make the changes so that modwebsh can be compiled against Apache 2 and
  Apache 1.3, as well as changes in the autoconf so that the 'normal'
  Makefile can be used.

- Change semantic of web::putx
  Idea: every HTML-Block is actualy inserted as a web::put <block> into the
  code to eval, other (script-code) is just appended to that block and
  then in the end evaluated.

- web::putxfile: eval all file even in case of an error in one block

- web::cmdurl -notimestamp: make configurable in web:::config or

- Keep list of web::contexts, and delete at end of request
  Security measure: prevent web::context data to be
  moved from one request to the next in mod_websh
  RB: I don't like this. General configuration should be persistent
  across requests -> this is the developers responsibility!

- web::context invalidation
  Add invalidate command to web::context (amounts to namespace forget)

- web::filecontext: -path is mandatory
  Ensure -path option in web::filecontex, or
  make it the first argument (depends on parent class)

- Check .so in modwebsh

- Catch in web::dispatch disrupts error message
  Situation: want a global catch across all web::command procs
    # global error catcher
    if {[catch {web::dispatch -hook {logHttpRequest;
    normalizeHttpRequest}} errMsg]} {
        # we signal every error to the client
        web::log pisa.error ""Exception: $errMsg""
        sendHttpErrorResponse ""Exception: $errMsg""
  Problem: web::dispatch catches possible errors and modifies
  -> the original errorMessage is not available anymore
  Suggestion: remove catch from web::dispatch or do not modify
  original error message

- tcl_platform alike info for websh/mod_websh

> Also, any thoughts about the web site plans?

Coming soon. Sorry for the delay ;-)

Ronnie Brunner                     
Netcetera AG, 8040 Zuerich    phone +41 1 247 79 79 Fax: +41 1 247 70 75

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