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From Massimo Manghi <>
Subject warning messages during installation process
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2010 17:52:22 GMT

I focused the problem of the 3 types of messages being generated on 

'dir' variable not set:

this harmless, yet confusing message is issued by pkg_mkIndex when the 
whole rivet tcl library is sourced in to find Tcl packages and create 
their pkgIndex.tcl files. The problem is that these index files are also 
in the source tree, are copied to the install directory and get sourced 
as well along with the packages code. Still they are not supposed to be 
there by the time we generate them. Possible solutions are to remove the 
pkgIndex.tcl files from repository, since they are automatically 
generated, or skip the generation process upon installation (assuming 
these files are generated by the developers and kept in svn)

'argv' variable not set: package 'commserver' has a server.tcl script in 
it which the code uses the 'argv' variable that, as customary, gets set 
when the file is run by command line and filled with the arguments to 
the command.  Adding a test on this variable and exiting if not set 
should work out  a safe check.

not existing file:
this was actually an error that prevented to be loaded 
by tclrivet.
The file packages/tclrivet/tclrivet.tcl attempts to load this library 
using a wrong relative path: determining the correct path is simple.

if no objections are raised I will take the first solution for the first 
problem and commit the changes needed
  -- Massimo

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