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From Massimo Manghi <>
Subject Re: using 'load_response' with checkboxes
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2007 15:11:27 GMT
ok, thanks. That is perfect, I didn't notice that [var ...] was
able to strip the whole list of values assigned to a single
parameter name..I thought that would have assigned different
values to the same variable, in the same way the command
"array set {var1 value1 var1 value2 var1 value3}" would do.
(I fixed it modifing load_response and making it a method
in the root class of my pages, the var solution is better though)

I have another problem now: i would like to implement
the server side connector for the fckeditor file browser.
The file browser wants to have xml messages sent with
Content-Type: text/xml  and Cache-Control set to no-cache.
I wasn't able to force these headers using

headers set ... and headers add...
(checked using the usual GET and HEAD command
line utilities)

whereas "headers redirect <uri>" works  perfectly.
Where did i get it wrong?

 -- Massimo

P.S. As an alternative: does anyone suggest a nice
file browser that possibly works out of the box?

David Welton wrote:
>> I'm using 'load_response' to handle the data being passed in
>> by a form where several checkboxes are used. I don't know
>> if i'm using checkboxes in an orthodox way but I
>> would like to have a list containing the lines numbers
>> for which  the corresponding checkbox is checked.
>> 'load_response' seemed to do it well at first.
> Yes, unfortunately, this is a tricky problem.  Basically, with
> checkboxes and Tcl, you have absolutely no way at all of knowing
> whether the value is
> [list foo bar"]
> or "foo bar"
> So it's best to use the various [var] commands to explicitly request a
> list or not.
> I don't know if the archives are very easy to find, but I recall
> discussing this extensively many years ago.

-- Massimo Manghi 

-- Dipartimento di Biologia Evolutiva e Funzionale 
-- Università degli Studi di Parma
-- Parco Area delle Scienze 11A - 43100 Parma

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