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From Massimo Manghi <>
Subject Re: manipulating http headers with rivet
Date Sat, 24 Feb 2007 00:46:24 GMT
Eventually I had the time and the calm necessary
to spend a couple of hours on the problems of the
headers not being set.

I can download the files but in a unelegant way
because ther's no way to suggest their original name
to the browser's download manager and pdf docs
don't get the pdf viewer run at all.

I tried to debug apache in the process of serving
my trivial download script. I did the homework David
assigned to me and I put some printf(stderr,"...")
in the various branches of the switch structure in
Rivet_Headers. What I found out is one simple and
expected fact: 'Rivet_Headers' is actually called in
the process of executing the script by every 'headers'
command and the arguments to that function calls
are correct. (I also learn that I could not rely
safely to HEAD utility in order to understand what
headers the server would have sent to the browser)

Being allowed to put breakpoint and see the
source code would help but I had a complaint
by gdb which is unable to locate RivetCore.c.
This is a different problem though.

 -- M

Quoting David Welton <>:

> This works for me with a relatively up to date Rivet:
> <?
> headers type "text/plain"
> puts "hello world"
> ?>
> I'm not sure what problems it might have... you have to make sure the
> headers haven't already been sent over the wire when you do 'headers
> type', but I can't think of much else...
> --
> David N. Welton
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> Linux, Open Source Consulting
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-- Massimo Manghi

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