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From "Jim M. McNamara" <>
Subject re: windows install SOLVED
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 06:50:01 GMT

>Pat Thoyts wrote the following:

>The installer adds the following (pretty much).
>LoadModule rivet_module modules/
><IfModule mod_rivet.c>
>~    RivetServerConf CacheSize 50
>~    AddType application/x-httpd-rivet .rvt
>~    AddType application/x-rivet-tcl .tcl
>You need that RivetServerConf line (or at least it was required once upon a
>time). You should also ensure that the global PATH contains the location 
>of your
>Tcl installation. It is not enough to have it in your user PATH - it has to go
>in the All Users environment as Apache will get started as the SYSTEM user and
>rivet has to find tcl84.dll. It also needs to be tcl84 not some other version.
>A good test to check it Apache can run tcl at all is to create a cgi 
>script with
>~ #!tclsh
>~ puts "Content-type: text/plain\n"
>~ puts "[info patchlevel]"
>Assuming your Apache configuration is setup ok this should show the tcl 
>You can also try the script if you have perl installed.
>Hopefully that can help.
>Pat Thoyts
Jim M. McNamara wrote:

>Hi Pat & David -

[sorry i hit the reply on my email and it went directly to Pat.  ]
[i re-posted it this time to the mailing list.]

That did the trick :-)

I put c:\Program Files\Tcl\bin\tcl84.dll;   in the environment variable for 
a system user.
I  reinstalled but this time let your binary installer automatically
modify the httpd.conf for me.  Apparently that is all that i was doing wrong.
Before i saw that c:\Program Files\Tcl\bin was in my path variable for a 
user and not
system wide and thought that is good enough.  I was definitely wrong on 
that one.
I figured if Tcl could run like that per user than why cant rivet or apache.

I am very impressed that this is the only modification that needs to be made
to get things working.

I also was confused about the following.  If I run apache as a service it
displays the .rvt located in the htdocs directory like it should.  If i 
apache like net shutdown apache and then restart apache with just
the command apache it says rivet is running but it doesnt work.
At least going forward i know apache needs to be running as a service
for rivet and apache to work together correctly.

I hope my next web site for my hobby I will be working on in the very near 
future will use Rivet!

thank you,

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