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From Damon Courtney <>
Subject Re: tclsh8.4 make.tcl install blows away /usr/local/lib/rivet?
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 17:23:22 GMT
> You know what?  This must be a damonism from when he put together our 
> (Superconnect's) framework.  ...idea was that a user's packages would 
> go in ...rivet/packages-local and the system rivet packages would be in 
> ...rivet/packages.

    I'm not sure if "damonism" is used in a good way or a bad way. 0-]
The idea was that local packages could go in a place that our install
would never touch.  The same goes for local code.  It was kinda'
swiped from NWS (though NWS never really did packages much), and I
liked the idea, so I added it.

    Can you guys think of a better way to do it?  I'm not married to
it.  We probably should, at the very least, update the install to
do a little checking before proceeding.  Apache has certain
directories (IE: conf) that it doesn't mess with if they already
exist.  Maybe we should do the same.

    Though, if people are dilligent about putting their local code
in local packages and the like, we can probably be a little cleaner.
*shrug*  I'm like Karl.  I have lots of code in rivet/packages that
is custom.  I woulda' blown my stuff away too if I had installed
the new version. 0-]


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